2018 RC Piano Lessons' Winter Recital

Most people start with searching the keywords, piano lessons near me in Rancho Cucamonga and stumble upon RC Piano Lessons. They soon realize this simple search has turned into so much more than private in home music lessons...It turns into extended family and ultimate memories filled with new supportive friends and most importantly, community...Hence our Piano Concerts.

This brings us to our 1st Winter Piano Concert of 2018.

Not only is this event prepared for months in advanced to make it a grand gathering that will be remembered years down the line, but it's a target that students look forward to and prepare for half of the year.


Each and everyone who performs walks on stage with a nervousness and vulnerability that is shared by all the other performers. They soon find out that their constancy of practice has paid off as they are acknowledged by their musical families applause.

What's stressed in students is Progress...Not Perfection.

In life there will always be new heights to reach and music is yet another vehicle to experience that.

Here are some of our memories of all the ages, levels, and backgrounds that came together to share beautiful music on this Sunday afternoon.


It's funny how so many of our pictures of moments are left in our phone cameras but the experience...Well we know, will be carried with us forever.  


Congratulations to everyone who performed!

Thank you to all of our parents, volunteers and students that came together to share an afternoon of family, friends and beautiful music.

Now lets start prepping for September's magical musical whirlwind!!


- Your RC Piano Lessons Family


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