RC Piano Lessons' Fall 2023 Piano Recitals

Fall 2023 is in the air! (As well as Leveled Up piano students šŸŽµ)

At our 2023 Fall Piano Recital, studentsĀ feature a repertoire of classical masterpieces that showcased all levels through their dedication of the last 6 months.Ā 

...(And years) forĀ some.Ā 

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The program included iconic pieces by classical composers like Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and Bach. There was a wonderful balance of pace from emotional sonatas to the lively and uplifting concertos.Ā 

The most fun is to witness all of our students' unique interpretations and perspectives while staying true to the essence of classical music.

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And of course...

We take great pride that our growing community is always so supportive of each other's growth and personal musical journeys.

Congrats to ALL our 2023 Fall Piano students! šŸ‘āœØ

Can't wait untilĀ Spring of 2024 where we will witness theĀ NEXTĀ Level of Growth!

(We can't wait to share the theme šŸŒŸ)Ā 

Stay Tuned!

- šŸŽ¹ Your RC Piano Lessons Family