2018 Fall Concerts | RC Piano Lessons

RC Piano Lessons' students were eager to finally show their last 6 months of hard work in one of our two September 2018 Fall Concerts.

The excitement was high with over 200 guests and songs ranging from classic Mozart to legendary movie film favorites. 

Both the afternoon and evening performers rose above their nerves and gained new friends, unforgettable memories and new built confidence for future performances.

We heard from many families that the advanced performers truly stood for the possibility of growth and motivation for the ones who just started with us in 2018. We were thrill that this was the largest turnout we've had of teenagers and adults who performed in both concerts.

Yet again, another memorable concert under our belts displaying the beauty when consistency, discipline, learning and community come together all under one roof.


Thank You for the Memories.

- RC Piano Lessons Family